Pop-up card

I saw one of the Christmas cards I illustrated for American Greetings at Target the other day. It's a pop-up AND it has lights and music. This card means business!


Christmas Freebies

This month we created downloadable Christmas freebies at We Love to Illustrate. We were challenged by Scraptus to come up with scrapbook elements and I think these could make fun stickers and gift labels too. Download mine here. Visit We Love to Illustrate for more.


Too Shy For Show-and-Tell!

This past month has brought so many exciting things to my mailbox.
"Too Shy For Show-and-Tell" is a book I illustrated for the wonderful people at Capstone Press. Available here. Its a sweet little story packed with all kinds of fun animal characters.
Here's a peek....
I also received my copy of "They Draw and They Cook". There are so many illustrated recipes in this book I feel like I find something new every time I open it.
Available here. The Draw and Cook website.
This is the yummy vegetarian meatball recipe I have in the book. More here!


Pillow Covers

Our November post is up at We Love to Illustrate! We decided it would be fun to try our hands at some pillow designs at Envelop this month. Above is the front and back of one of the pillows I uploaded. Available here.



We created lots of fun printable cupcake toppers over at
Download mine here


Sweet and Salty

I thought I'd share another recipe I drew for They Draw and Cook. They're having a fun Cooking for Kids contest right now sponsored by allrecipes.com (ends sept 12). This isn't the most complicated recipe but it's quick and easy if you're craving something sweet and salty.


Back to School stickers!

Yay, back to school! My son is not too pleased but I'm thrilled to have my quiet working hours back. I created these hairy monsters last year for my group site but I thought I'd repost them just in case anyone wanted to use them.
Download the full sheet here...visit We Love to Illustrate to see more.


Angel Mouse

Here's an angel mouse I drew for Guideposts Magazine.


Happy Coloring!

Happy August! We have free birthday coloring sheets
to download over at We love to Illustrate.


more sketches

These little ladies are for another project I'm working on. Stylistically, these girls had to change quite a bit (they needed to grow up a few years), but I still think these are rather cute.


bully mice

Here are some initial sketches I did for a project I'm now wrapping up with Stone Arch Books. I just saw that they posted these over at their blog a couple of weeks ago so I thought I'd share them too.



Happy July! I'm a little late on this one but our new monthly post is up at



We're celebrating our one year anniversary at We Love to Illustrate with some free desktop downloads. See them all here.



Our May post is up at We love to Illustrate!

I've been so busy with projects the past couple of months (hopefully I can share something soon!) that I had to contribute something from my archives. This birthday sea monster was created for American Greetings.


Free Easter Download

Welcome April! These paper Easter egg bands are my contribution to this months
post over at We Love to Illustrate. All the girls came up with some very fun
Easter themed activities and downloads. See them all here.

Download mine here.



Stirring up some mud pies.
Just a quick one for Illustration Friday.


Hello springtime

Our March post is up at We Love to Illustrate!
We're having a print giveaway this month with all of our
spring baby themed illustrations. Visit here for all the details.


Happy Valentine's Day

Here's another illustration I did for the good people over at American Greetings.



Here is my Valentine's Day contribution to We Love to Illustrate.


Welcome 2011!

These little mice are my January contribution to We Love to Illustrate.

We decided to welcome the new year by creating a desktop calendar. Check out all the fun designs to download here.