My gift to you!

A Gingerbread house to share with your little ones...
Visit my group site We Love to Illustrate for more! 
You can download mine here.


  1. Jennifer, your beautiful style is perfect for this adorable gingerbread house..I love that the images are like real gingerbread frosted with icing. Fabulous! Happy holidays to you and yours!!

  2. Jennifer, I just love your design... it reminds me of real frosting. Can't wait to print it out!! Happy Holidays!! xoxo

  3. Okay you have just made my day with your beautiful Gingerbread house and your sweet encouraging words left at my blog. Thanks you so much! Okay and yes I'm a fangirl. I have been collecting your books and I love each and everyone of them. You are AMAZING! Thanks for sharing your fabulous and beautiful gift with the world.

  4. just letting you know that when I clicked on your We Love To Illustrate link I found that it has been hijacked by a gambling web site.